Monday, February 24, 2020

What Makes Olive Wood So Special?

From the early times of civilization, olives have a sacred place in human life. While olives are a medicine for food, cleaning and health, the place comes to our mind in a real sense. Olive trees also owe their long life of up to a hundred years to the phenolic compound called oleuropein. Thanks to the antioxidant feature of this substance, the tree is protected from diseases and biological pests. Apart from this, it also contains harmful bacteria, fungi and harmful viruses because they contain calcium elenolaten. Did you know that this tree, which has brought health to our body with its fruit, oil and soaps, is also healthy for our homes?

That's why it is important for us to highlight the antibacterial properties of olive trees in this way. We offer natural wood and log coffee table models made of olive wood to the natural tree design lovers in their most natural form by combining thousands of years of history with master craftsmanship.


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